name… aaron johnson.

he lives in… cleveland, tn.

his job is.. a  freelance graphic designer.

he loves…    God   //   girlfriend   //   graphic design

his style is…     modern   //   minimalistic   //   purposeful

this blog…  aims to showcase designs and designers who inspire me.

I have always loved to create. My passion began as a kid with legos. With those small – extremely painful to step on – blocks, I was able to craft whatever my mind could conceive.  As a teenager, my creativity shifted to music and photography. Guitar hero inspired me to teach myself guitar and I fell in love with photography back when people still got film developed (crazy, I know). The most recent extension of my passion has come through graphic design. I first began using photoshop as a freshman in college for a photography class which quickly turned into graphic design in web design the following semester with menus,  icons, and banners. I finally landed on Illustrator and fell in love and have began freelancing as a graphic designer. My favorite projects are those of branding and logo design.

Thank you for reading!

.: Aaron :.


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